Joy Linestand

  • Extended carry roller and return spacing for reduced component count
  • Masses of individual components have been optimized for ease of installation
  • Both floor and roof mounts are available as standard
  • Unobstructed edge clearance for belt protection

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The Joy linestand structure has become the industry preferred structure due to the combination of high performance at an optimized capital cost.  The extended carry and return roller spacing’s provide greater reliability and reduced installation time due to the reduced component count per lineal distance.

A feature common to all Joy conveyor structure types is a focus on belt protection.  This is achieved through careful selection of profiles and fixings along with engineered belt tracking control.

Linestand uses high quality rolls engineered and manufactured in Australia by Komatsu.

Rapid installation and retreat times are afforded by the efficient use of components that not only keep the weight of individual components, but also reduces the number and bulk of equipment to be installed within a given distance.

The frames can be assembled or disassembled while the belt is installed (but not moving!).  This is achieved thought the use of our specifically engineered “H” frame.

Build-up of material or encrustation is resisted by the elimination of fabricated pockets that could hold material.

We appreciate that all sites have specific requirements.  Client specific variations to the standard product can be accommodated through our Australian based Engineering team. 

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