P&H ZT44 blasthole drill

Blasthole drills

Komatsu ZT44

The Komatsu ZT44 blasthole drill is a down-the-hole surface drill rig specifically designed for mining-duty applications. This track drill is a versatile machine, used for pre-split, production, auxiliary and any other application the end user demands. The ZT44 offers higher reliability and production compared to its competitors due to its purpose-built structures and dual-setting compressor, adaptable to varying hardness conditions. 

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A DTH surface drill designed for your mining needs

With the flexibility and smaller footprint to excel in the quarry, aggregate or construction environments, the ZT44 track drill separates itself in the mining market with its industry-leading production rates and durability. Meet your production demands with a machine that is made to keep up, working 24/7. In addition to the around-the-clock operation, this drill supports mining applications with the higher reliability and longer life you’re looking for, offering versatility by meeting your needs for pre-split, production or auxiliary applications.

A blasthole drill that drives your productivity and profitability

Engineered for the harshest places on earth, the ZT44 is ready for around-the-clock operations. Equipped with a dual-pressure air compressor enabling high- or low-pressure drilling, the machine can efficiently adjust to changing drilling conditions to still achieve optimal performance

Power and flexibility for demanding environments

The ZT44 has the largest compressor in its class. Paired with a robust power unit, the ZT44 is ready for a variety of work locations, including challenging elevations where production often drops off.

A robust chassis and accompanying structures mean you will not need to worry about shortened component life from longer work windows, while the smaller footprint of the machine means it still provides the flexibility of drilling in locations that can’t be accessed by larger rigs. Exceptional pulling capacity allows the ZT44 to move around unstable ground and tackle steeper grades than other OEMs.    

For operations in extreme temperatures, the ZT44 is prepared to meet your availability needs. The machines are equipped with a best-in-class heat exchange unit to mitigate high thermal loads produced during the drilling operation. A second cooler is dedicated to keeping hydraulic temperatures in an optimum working state, resulting in more time dedicated to drilling holes. 

Designed for zero harm

A wireless remote pendant supports a safer environment for routine maintenance. The operator can remotely position the rig and position the boom or mast efficiently to change out consumables.

The compact Komatsu ZT44 is engineered for access. An external catwalk and handrails provide accessibility around the machine for routine maintenance and an internal walkway through the canopy provides access to internal componentry, such as the engine and compressor.

The low center of gravity means optimum stability, offering you confidence as you perform in a variety of locations throughout your operation. 

Working Ranges

Hole diameter 114 to 216 mm 4.5 in. to 8.5 in.
Hammers 102 mm to 203 mm 4.0 in. to 8.0 in.
Drill pipe 102 mm to 140 mm 4.0 in. to 5.5 in.


Pull down force 53.4 kN 12,000 lbs.
Pull back 71.2 kN 16,000 lbs.
Single pass depth 6.1 m 20 ft.
Maximum depth 42.7 m (6 + 1)
30.5 m (4 + 1)
140 ft.
100 ft.
Boom positioning Swing left 10°/right 18°
Tilt 10° below to 35° above horizontal
Mast positioning Dump +16° to -45° from vertical
Rotation pin #1 left/right -20° to +45° from vertical
Rotation pin #2 left/right +45° to 5° from horizontal

Rotary head

Rotation head speed 0 to 99 rpm
Rotation head torque 7.5 kN-m 5,539 lbf-ft

Overall dimensions

Operating weight (maximum) 38,555 kg 85,000 lbs.
Operating height, mast vertical 11.6 m 37 ft. 11 in.
Shipping dimensions (height x weight x length) 3.51 m x 2.89 m x 13.05 m 138 in. x 114 in. x 514 in.

Lower works and propel

Travel auto 2 speed 3 kph 1.86 mph
Oscillation +/- 8°
Traction force 222.4 kN 50,000 lbs.
Ground clearance 381 mm 15 in.
Gradeability 30% 17°

Pipe handling

Carousel capacity 4.5" (114 mm) diameter pipe for 6 pipe carousel + 1 under head
5" (127 mm) diameter pipe for 4 pipe carousel + 1 under head