Joy Tiered Repair Services

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Joy Tiered Repair Services

  • Access to exchange units for the Prime and Select levels dramatically decrease downtime and gets equipment back into production more quickly
  • Improved component and machine reliability with JOY repairs
  • Prime repairs offer the lowest cost per tonne repair solution
  • Select and Base repairs offer the lowest initial cost helping control expenses while keeping equipment operating
  • Improved component and machine reliability reduces maintenance operator interaction
  • Fully interchangeable components with OE machines, a perfect  fit every time



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Joy is introducing new tiers for component repair and component rebuild services giving customers a wider selection of repair options helping to control costs. Customers can select the level of repair based on which best level matches their budgetary and/or time constraints. Competitively priced repairs, backed by warranties, done by the original equipment manufacturer.

The genuine Joy seal stands for quality and performance. Our repair services are completed with knowledge of the original equipment design intent, stresses, and critical component life to maintain functionality, extend life, and minimize downtime.

Joy repair services are developed to meet any customer need without compromising functionality to ensure optimal performance. Genuine Joy repairs, for Joy machines. They’re a perfect fit.

Understanding the service levels

Prime repair services

  • Choice of exchange (CEP) or repair and return
  • Full scope repair
  • Repaired and tested to near OE specifications
  • Full six month warranty


Select repair services

  • Fixed price exchange to help control costs
  • Component exchange minimizes downtime by eliminating  component repair time 
  • Relaxed technical specification enhances component reuse
  • Enhanced reuse repair scope
  • Three month warranty

Base repair services

  • Repair and return with customer input on repair
  • Repaired to “Joy Select” repair specification and scope
  • Fastest repair and return option
  • Two month warranty



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