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Joy Shuttle Car Tyres

  • Wear indicators help manage tyre replacement cycles, reducing unplanned downtime
  • Slick tread pattern decreases ground pressure while offering superior traction and wear
  • 32-ply tyre with widewall reinforcement resists ctus and bulging, reducing downtime
  • Extra deep tread depth maximizes tyre life, extending wear and improving cut resistance
  • Proven to increase tyre life by up to two times
  • Unique tyre compounds minimise chunking and material loss
  • Load-rated tyre minimises risk of tyre failure

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Genuine Joy tyres are load-rated and designed for rigorous underground haulage applications. These tyres are proven to be extremely durable and extend tyre life by up to two times, lowering operating costs and improving productivity.

Genuine Joy tyres are tested, approved and recommended for use on our haulage equipment. They isolate your equipment from shock loads, extending component and machine life keeping your machine operating longer per set of tyres.

Genuine Joy tyres provide:

  • Maximum productivity of your equipment – Joy tyres are a load-rated 32 ply with reinforced sidewall that resist cuts and reduce downtime
  • Increased replacement intervals – Joy tyres are proven in tough mining conditions to last longer, reducing maintenance
  • Reduced operating costs – Our mining duty-rated tyres minimize shock loads to equipment, reducing damage to key components and equipment 

Joy’s new shuttle car tyre was tested in real world conditions for over 15 months at a coal mine with uneven, muddy floors. The tyres were first installed on June 8, 2015, on a Joy 10SC32-56C shuttle car, and closely monitored by Joy’s service team. Fifteen months later, with no failures, and over 1450 hours on the traction hour meter the tyres showed tremendous wear resistance. The competitive tyres operating in the same section failed at 5 months of operation. Prior to this trial, the customer was experiencing an average life of six to eight months per tyre.

Measured wear of Joy tyres after 15 months:

Tyre 1

  • Tread depth on fitment = 72.82mm
  • Inspected tread depth = 36.98mm
  • Wear = 35.84mm

Tyre 2

  • Tread depth on fitment = 73.09mm
  • Inspected tread depth = 39.65mm
  • Wear = 33.44mm

Tyre 3

  • Tread depth on fitment = 72.36mm
  • Inspected tread depth = 40.37mm
  • Wear = 31.99mm

Tyre 4

  • Tread depth on fitment = 72.52mm
  • Inspected tread depth = 39.05mm
  • Wear = 33.47mm


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