Joy JS Series Bit Holder

Bit holding systems

Joy JS-Series Bit Holder Cutting System

  • Rear access hole for easy bit removal saving time and energy
  • Optional hard facing on bit holders and sleeves for high wear applications maximizes life
  • Induction case-hardened bore extends life of the bit blocks through multiple sleeve change-outs
  • Lower profile on blocks helps alleviate potential wear and increases block life
  • Lighter sleeve extractor tool than previous version (by 1.8 kg /4.0 lbs.) provides ease of handling and maneuvering

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Our genuine Joy conical cutting system:

  • Decreases the time you spend changing bits even when shanked or broken. Slightly stuck bits can be removed up to four times faster when compared to other bit holder systems.
  • Lowers costs through extended life. The induction case-hardened bore provides extended life of the bit blocks through multiple sleeve change-outs. Lower profile helps alleviate potential wear that can shorten the life of the block.
  • Increases productivity. Cutting productivity relies on more than the bit – extending to the miner’s cutterhead and traction systems. We have the experience to fully engineer and optimize the complete system.

Understand the system

Bit holder

  • Patented rear access hole saves time
  • Added strength saves on drum repairs
  • Increased weld penetration decreases drum repairs
  • Lower back profile reduces block damage
  • Optional hardfacing for additional life


  • Patented undercut provides longer life
  • Snap ring groove standard to maximize block life
  • Black oxide provides abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • Induction case hardened cavities to maximize life
  • Optional hard facing for high wear applications
  • Backwards compatible on J35 block series*

*Snap ring is not accessible, no extended tail version of the JS35 sleeve

Conical Pick

  • Patented double bevel wedge for easier bit extraction
  • Bit head diameter increased for increased sleeve life
  • 360° contact between bit & sleeve for increased sleeve life
  • Extended tail on internal retention for increased sleeve life

Extractor Tool

  • Extractor tool can pull and press fit sleeves
  • 1.8kg (4lbs.) lighter for easier handling
  • Rod separates from unit for one person handling
  • 2.5 times stronger for increased reliability