Joy gear lube


Joy Gear Lube

  • Maximum protection of gears and bearings against wear and shock loading
  • Good thermal and oxidation stability
  • Corrosion protection for all internal components
  • High viscosity index for consistent performance over a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Tested compatibility with seal materials used inside all Joy gear cases

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The ever increasing demands for larger and more powerful mining equipment have created a need for a high-performance gear lubricant. To meet this need, we now offer a line of gear lubricants specifically designed to meet today’s challenges.

Joy gear lubricants were extensively tested by independent testing laboratories and found to meet all applicable standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) and ASTM International (formerly the American Society for Testing and Materials) with respect to scuffing resistance, wear and friction and elastomer compatibility. Additionally, we developed and performed our own gear lubricant elastomer compression set tests.

Joy lubricants are 100% synthetic with a polyalphaolefin (PAO) base to which a polyolester (POE) has been added. Because our gear lubricants are synthetic, they provide oxidation resistance, lower coefficients of resistance, higher thermal conductivity to help shed heat and lower internal temperatures, excellent cold start-up properties and resistance to thinning at higher temperatures.

Joy gear lubricants are used in all of our original and rebuilt equipment and are now available for direct purchase. Contact your customer service representative for pricing and additional information. As part of the purchasing program, you are also eligible to participate in our lubricant analysis program at not cost; the program helps you better determine when a gear lubricant change is needed.

Synthetic lubricant advantages

  • Reduces equipment downtime, resulting in higher production and higher revenue
  • Improved wear characteristics extend life of critical gearboxes and mitigates unplanned rebuilds of costly gearcases
  • Extended lubricant life can extend change intervals by more than 200%
  • Cooler operation can result in up to 5% operating efficiency improvements, resulting an annual reduction in power costs
  • Provides superior protection; results of over 42% increase in gearcase life have been achieved simply by changing to Joy gear fluids

Lubricant analysis advantages

  • Free lubricant sampling allows you to better track how lubricant is standing up to wear and contamination
  • Lubricant analysis and other diagnostics allow for predictive evaluation and planned rebuilds and repairs
  • Appropriate analysis and feedback allows for corrective action to eliminate root case of potential failures
  • Regular lubricant analysis allows optimum life and utilization of gear case lubricants; up to a 500% increase in utilization has been realized in the field

We offer four different gear lubricants for a variety of product applications. See the table below for each lube product and its recommended applications.

   SEP320J  S150J  S460J  SEP680J
 Longwall shearers        
 Ranging arms  X      
 Haulage drives  X      
 Lumpbreakers  X      
 EP, BP and stageloader cases  X      
 Tail transfer drive        X
 Continuous miners        
 Cutter case  X      
 Gathering head cases  X      
 Gathering head pots  X      
 Traction cases  X      
 Traction planetaries  X      
 Rear conveyor drive cases  X      
 Shuttle cars        
 Traction primary cases  X      
 Wheel units  X      
 Conveyor cases (worm gears)      X  
 Battery haulers        
 Traction cases    X    
 Belt drives  X      
 Traction primary cases  X      
 Traction secondary cases  X      
 Lumpbreakers  X      
 Cooling pump*        
 Chain haulage systems        
 Conveyor drives  X      
 Breaker drives  X      
 Traction cases  X      
 Conveyor and breaker cases (helical)  X      
 Conveyor and breaker cases (worm)      X  
 Traction planetaries  X      

* Contact your Joy Global customer service representative for more information.