Joy Drive Modules

  • Engineered for your specific  application
  • Provide optimum availability and reliability
  • Utilized in some of the most productive material handling applications worldwide
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    Drive modules provide power to the conveyor system. Joy Global can assist your selection of a drive type to suit your application, in doing so we consider the following:

    • Mining environment
    • Footprint available
    • Handling requirements
    • Mine maintenance expertise available
    • Overall power requirements

    For underground systems, three of these systems have emerged as the best available options:

    • Controlled clutch slip system
    • Controlled fill fluid coupling
    • Variable frequency drive (VFD) control system

    Each has its advantages and disadvantages.  We can supply all of these systems in addition to other drive options.  Our team works with you to determine the best technology for your application, providing expertise in component selection or complete system design. 

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