iXRS Sizer


iXRS 600 Sizer

The Joy iXRS Sizer is a primary sizer designed for tunneling applications and industrial applications when you’re looking for tunnel equipment that offers you a lowered operating cost, reduced downtime and increased production. This sizer was specifically designed to improve HAC system performance and total cost of ownership in tunneling applications.

The design is very versatile and can be easily reconfigured for applications with changing materials, such as lengthy tunneling applications where material being handled could change several times during the project.

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Your cost-effective tunneling and industrial solution

The iXRS 600 Sizer is a primary sizer specifically designed to improve HAC system performance and total cost of ownership in tunneling applications. The primary maintenance function in sizers continues to be pick replacement and this can be done without welding or torch cutting. In addition, this sizer can be easily reconfigured to adjust to geology changes that occur during a tunneling project – an important feature in lengthy tunneling projects where the material being handled can change several times during the project. This lowers the operating cost, downtime and increases production. There is also an attractive buy-back program for your short-term construction projects. Contact your crushing and conveying representative for more information. 

Improved HAC performance

A primary sizer specifically designed to improve HAC system performance and total cost of ownership in tunneling applications. It prevents oversized material from damaging the HAC system and prevents leakage and spillage in the HAC system caused by oversized material.

Easily reconfigured

As a tunnel boring machine advances, the geology of the material being fed to the sizer and HAC system can change from soft clays to harder rock. Different materials require different crushing technology. With a quick-change tooling design, the tooth, cutter and pick designs can be changed as material changes during a project. Various pick/teeth options are available to handle assorted materials and changing geology. While the standard configuration is a combination of feeder-breaker picks and longwall shearer cutter teeth, blunt picks with paddle-style teeth are available for use with wet, soft clay.

Proven crushing technology

The iXRS 600 Sizer utilizes proven Joy crushing technology in a double roll sizer configuration. Spherical roller bearings are installed in a flange-mounted housing outboard of the crushing chamber, protecting the bearings if water is utilized for dust control. It also means shaft removal is not required for bearing replacement.

Torque conversion is transferred from the gear reducer with a keyed connection, assuring no relative movement between the shaft and gear reducer. The friction disk coupling provides higher crushing forces when compared to hydraulic couplings, but still protects equipment from uncrushables.

A robust, bolt-on cleaner mounts to the underside of the sizer for sticky applications to improve throughput and sizing efficiency.

Ideal for industrial applications

The features and capacity make the sizer a fit for industrial applications. Quick-change tooling can be easily customized per application. It is suitable for crushing clay, bauxite, petroleum coke, potash, gypsum, salt, some limestones, phosphate and other materials with an unconfined compressive strength<100MPa (14,500 psi capacity in the 0-800 mtph range would be typical.)