Joy (former Continental, Goodman-Hewitt), Idlers and Return Rolls / Catenary Structure, Structure (floor-mounted)

Catenary equipment

Joy Idlers and Return Rolls

  • Extremely portable
  • Rugged

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Joy catenary structure is extremely portable, yet rugged enough to withstand the heavy loading encountered in longwall mining. Joy hinged handle catenary structure utilizes rigid side frames made of round tubing. In addition, the number of loose parts is minimized to reduce losses while moving from one mining panel to another.

Idlers and return rolls

HC series

HC series idlers are produced using proprietary manufacturing techniques that allow adjustment of the bearing end-play setting to precise engineered specifications, providing absolute consistency roll to roll.

The 3/4” modified geometry automotive-class tapered roller bearing idler roll features an advanced five-stage seal design that contributes to long-life operation without re-lubrication:

  • An exterior shield provides an initial barrier to divert contaminants away from bearing cavity.
  • A flinger employs natural centrifugal forces to redirect potential contaminants away from the bearing cavity.
  • A grease-filled labyrinth seal retards lateral movement of contaminants.
  • A contact lip seal provides additional sealing protection and keeps lubricant in the bearing cavity.
  • A rear seal provides added protection for the grease reservoir.

The HC series idlers feature the following:

  • Counter-bored roll shell, protected weld
  • Available in sealed only

Our HC series catenary idlers are available in the following configurations:

  • Troughing
  • Return rolls

H-Plus series

The H-Plus series idler is a heavy-duty precision idler.

The H-Plus series idlers feature an up-to-1 1/2” engineered shaft (reduced to ¾” at bearing) for additional load capacity.

H-Plus series idler features include:

  • Combination lip and labyrinth seal: unique, precision die-cast nut and triple horizontal labyrinth seal provide three baffles to keep contaminants out. The lip seal contacts the precision zinc die-cast surface to provide maximum seal integrity.
  • Modified geometry tapered roller bearings: provide more bearing contact area than ball bearings, spreading the load over a larger area to relieve stress and enhance bearing life under heavy loads and impact.

Our H-Plus catenary idlers are available in the following configurations:

  • Troughing
  • Return rolls

Support Structures

Support stands

Adjustable support stands are designed to support the return roll. The quick connection features makes assembly and disassembly easy and fast.


Joy offers 8’ and 10’ rail lengths made of round tubing.