Joy (former Continental Conveyors), Transition Idler, Surface conveyor systems structure

Conveyor Structure

Joy Idler Options

  • Light to super-duty designs available

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We offer a variety of idler options, including the following:

V-return idler

V-return idlers assist with belt training on the return belt and are ideal for long, overland conveyors.

Impact idler

Impact idlers are utilized in the loading area and are designed to absorb shock and help protect your conveyor belt.

Transition idler

Adjustable transition idlers from 5 to 35 degrees are available to transition your conveyor belt at the pulley.

Self-aligning idler and return

Troughing idlers and return idlers, in a variety of configurations, are available for belt training.

Picking/feeding idler

Extended center roll idlers are available with steel and/or impact rolls for a variety of CEMA classifications.

Rubber disc return

Return idlers and self-aligning idlers are available to help prevent wet and sticky material buildup on the return side of the belt.