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Hydraulic roof bolters


  • Seven models available, with single-pass roof bolt lengths ranging from 1.8 to 3.5 meters
  • Auto drilling or manual operations
  • Available in a rib bolter version
  • Chrome cylinder feed mechanism eliminates wear

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The HFX roofbolter can be mounted on continuous miners, roadheaders, entry drivers, miner bolters, or other mobile equipment. Seven models are available with a full range of retracted and extended lengths, and a choice of top plates and rotation units, to meet virtually all roofbolting needs.

Designed for speed, safety, and reliability

The semi-automatic HFX can run in either auto-drill or manual modes. The mast-mounted integrated control module (ICM2 or ICM 3) handles the auto-drill and return cycles. In addition, the HFX features auto water on/off and mast extend/retract functionality during the drilling cycle.

A critical safety feature is the ability to disable the auto-drill function by simply pressing a single button.

The completely sealed carrier unit eliminates wear to the hardened chrome slide bars. In addition, the carrier/slide bar integration provides outstanding structural stiffness. 

  170 190 210 240 280 310 340
Retracted length 1,250 mm 1,400 mm 1,507 mm 1,675 mm 1,885 mm 2,035 mm 2,185 mm
Extended length 2,075 mm 2,275 mm 3,464 mm 2,770 mm 3,170 mm 3,470 mm 3,770 mm
Chain travel 925 mm 1,075 mm 1,156 mm 1,350 mm 1,560 mm 1,680 mm 1,790 mm
Total travel 1,750 mm 1,950 mm 2,113 mm 2,445 mm 2,845 mm 3,145 mm 3,440 mm
Approximate mass 360 kg 405 kg 445 kg 505 kg 590 kg 650 kg 710 kg

Integrated control module

The integrated control module (ICM 2 or ICM3) controls all drilling and positioning functions and includes the following features:

  • Auto-cycle
  • Two-speed control
  • Auto-feed / auto-retract
  • Increased safety with two-handed operation during bolting operations
  • Water monitoring (ICM 3 module only)

Multiple rotation unit options

Hydraulic rotation unit (HDR)

  • Compact drill motor
  • Improved bearings
  • Self-lubrication and internal porting
  • Better offset (side) loads
  • Improved water sealing
  • Robust and reliable

Two-speed rotation unit (TSRU)

  • Two-speed motor, requiring less oil
  • Wet and dry drilling options
  • Slow speed for safe operator interface
  • High-speed drill rig
  • 240-750 rpm speed range
  • 40 lt/min oil supply
  • 500 Nm peak output torque

Cable Bolt Feeder

Cable bolt feeder

The Joy cable bolt feeder top plate eliminates manual handling of large cable bolts, which can weigh in excess of 40kg, mechanizing the cable bolt feeding process. The Joy cable bolt feeder can reduce operator injuries commonly associated with continuous manual feeding. The easily serviceable, removable drive wheel segments and easy access single location lubrication points reduce downtime for scheduled maintenance. The cable feeder can be purchased individually and is retrofit-able underground to Joy HFX feed frames.

Performance and productivity

  • Forward and reverse cable feed function.
  • No Increase in top plate operational footprint to standard Joy top plate.
  • Reduces the number of operators required to feed a cable bolt from two to one operator.
  • Cable bolt feed time: ~8 seconds for an 8m cable bolt, significantly quicker than
    manual feeding.
  • Cable grip pressure control, providing enhanced compatibility for different cable bolt types.

Ease of maintenance

  • Easily accessible lubrication points for pivot points on front of top plate.
  • Replaceable drive wheel segments for ease of service on consumable components.
  • No additional hoses inside top plate cable bolt feeder to maintain.


  • No exposed pinch points and hazards clearly labeled.
  • Counterbalance valves for pinch cylinder & feed motor integrated in top plate allows external hoses to be de-energized while not in use. This also provides cable bolt emergency support in event of power outage or hose failure.
  • The Joy cable bolt feeder has been designed to MGD 35.1 and 41.
  • Two hand control of cable feed function, with safety latch on cable grip function.
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