Hard rock drilling conversions

Drilling conversions

Hard rock drilling conversions

  • Komatsu is the only OEM that offers a complete retrofit drilling solution
  • Drilling conversions are a total component solution for aging equipment, prolonging life of the machines and allowing for standardized fleets.
  • Drilling conversions are compatible with all major and most other OEMs, resulting in less risk, improved reliability, and a reduction in total operating costs.

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The total component solution helps standardize fleets, which means a reduced need for excess inventory, operator and mechanic training on one system, and one global service and product support provider for you. We uniquely offer conversions of drifters, controls, feeds and bolter heads and our extensive experience performing conversions means a seamless transition, regardless of drill manufacturer.

With our service network, you have support on a global scale to ensure you maintain the level of quality and reliability you need.

Montabert Drifters

Underground hard rock operations can retrofit their existing drills with Montabert drifters, featuring patented and proven energy recuperating, hydraulic dampening and progressive blow energy technologies, to maximize drilling productivity.  

Montabert Intelsense Controls

Montabert Intelsense controls maximize drilling performance of Montabert drifters by optimizing pressures and flows and providing best penetration rates with the lowest cost per meter in the industry maximizing productivity in versatile applications

Timberock Feeds

Timberock feeds increase uptime and reduce operating costs by maximizing drilling performance through lightweight, durable and cost-effective components designed to compliment Montabert drifters.

Timberock Bolter System

Timberock bolting head patented technology and design in alignment mechanism, flexible bolt centralizer, system and method of loading rock bolts provides operations multi-carrier function with increased productivity and safety while reducing operating costs.