Model HDR

Coal bolters

Fletcher Model HDR

  • Automatic disc brakes
  • Deep chuck drill head
  • Four-wheel drive - skid axle
  • MSHA-approved dust collection system
  • Fore-aft mast tilt
  • Front outriggers
  • Certified drill and tram canopy
  • Temporary roof support

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Fletcher Model HDR is a versatile roof drill designed for general purpose bolting in up to 4.5 m high roof conditions. The model HDR features an operator platform, therefore rib protection tubes are possible and included. The boom lifts, swings, and extends to allow multiple installations from one chassis position. Heavy-duty Fletcher systems mean long life, maximum reliability and productivity.

For use in mines where:

  • Overcasts and falls require bolting in heights over 2.5 m
  • Production needs do not require a dual boom bolter


Komatsu Mining Corp. is the exclusive distributor and authorized service provider for J.H. Fletcher & Co. products worldwide, with the following country exceptions:

Not a distributor or authorized service provider

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • Norway

Non-exclusive distributor and authorized service provider

  • Poland
  • Latin America
 Overall length  2.4 m
 Overall width  6.8 m
 Overall height  2.0 m
 Working height  2.5 m
 Ground clearance  0.3 m
 Boom extend  9.0 m
 Boom swing  2.5 m
 Boom lift  Up to 45º
  • Mat holder, mesh clamps
  • Hydraulic flow meters
  • Auto dump precleaner
  • Wet drilling system
  • Dust collection bags
  • Rotary impact
  • Hydraulic driven blower
  • Mast tilt
  • Hydraulic power take-off

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