Joy Fastgate

  • Quick installation; fasteners are not required
  • Ease of belt tracking
  • Belt protection

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The Joy Fastgate is specifically engineered to meet the demanding advance and retreat needs of an underground maingate conveyor.

Fastgate specifically addresses increased belt life by providing different top and bottom belt troughing profiles that eliminate the reverse bending tendency of structures that use the same carry and return roller sets. Belt edge clearance designed at a minimum of 250mm per side, helping to avoid belt edge damage.

There are no loose parts or fasteners. The Fastgate Structure (roof-mount) has only six components per module with each component being light enough to be comfortably handled by two men enabling quick and easy assembly and disassembly. Each module consists of the following:

  • 2 x Stringers
  • 1 x End Frame
  • 2 x Trough Sets
  • 1 x Return Set

Fastgate structure can be supplied with optional adjustable legs for floor mounting.  In its floor-mounted configuration, the Fastgate adjustable leg design provides quick and easy installation, removal and adjustment. The unique notched concept on the adjustable legs allows user friendly height adjustment ability.

Consider these advantages:

  • The unique end frame design provides 250mm return belt edge clearance per side.
  • The fastgate structure is manufactured to tight tolerances to provide good alignment during installation.
  • Fastgate trough and return sets are the garland-type having heavy-duty mounting shackles that are easily connected to the supporting structure via hooks on the stringers. The mounting hooks on the stringers allow the belt to be readily tracked.
  • The fastgate structure provides a simple stringer-to-end-frame connection that is quick and easy to assemble.
  • The 3-roll return set is designed so that the reverse bend in the belt is outside the topside bend zone to reduce the probability of belt cracking.
  • The fastgate structure is compact and very efficient for transporting underground.
  • The fastgate product range extends from 1200 mm up to 1600 mm belt widths, the latter being capable of tonnage up to 4500 TPH at 4.5m per sec belt speed.

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