Joy (former MTI), DR-1SB, Jumbo Drill

Hydraulic jumbo drills

Joy DR-1SB

  • Boom coverage of 5.74 m by 7.10 m (18’8” by 23'3”)
  • Intelsense drilling control system
  • Diesel powered for tramming and electric powered for drilling
  • Jumbo hydraulics featuring variable displacement piston pumps
  • Tier III EPA & MSHA certified engine options
  • Montabert percussion drifter (HC-50 standard, HC-109 or HC-110 models available)

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The DR-1SB hydraulic jumbo drill, a single-boom hydraulic rig, is designed for drilling vertical, horizontal and angled holes in underground production or development headings. The DR-1SB has boom coverage of 5.74 m by 7.10 m (18’8” by 23'3”) and inner and outer turning radius’ of 3.9 m (12’9”) and 6.4 m (21'), respectively.

The DR-1SB features the Intelsense drilling control system, which includes the following features:

  • Collaring
  • Anti-jamming
  • Automatic water monitoring with feed return if low pressure is encountered
  • Auto return to start position after hole completion
  • Control levers for operating percussion, rotation, and feed

The DR-1SB also includes robust drilling and carrier hydraulics that feature variable displacement piston pumps; specifically:

  • Jumbo hydraulics: load-sensing, closed-circuit design for percussion, rotation, feed, and boom movements
  • General hydraulics: load-sensing, closed center circuit design for optimal efficiency
  • Steering hydraulics: load-sensing, closed center circuit design; stick steering with direct-acting control valve and two double-acting steer cylinders

Our ROPS/FOPS-certified, environmentally controlled operator’s cab uses advanced air filtration and a climate control system to insulate your operator from particulate matter and other harmful emissions. Noise is reduced significantly through the use of integrated insulation throughout the cab structure; in addition, vibration dampeners isolate the cab from the frame, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. 

Weight 19,190 kg  42,300 lbs. 
Maximum width 2060 mm  6.8 ft.
Turning radius

3899 mm
6389 mm
12.8 ft.
21.0 ft.
Turning angle 38º 38º 
Boom guide rollover 360º 360º 
Boom extension 1219 mm  48 in.
Feed extension 1524 mm 60 in.
Boom coverage
7.1 m
5.74 m
23.3 ft.
18.8 ft.
Drifter Montabert HC 50
Tires 10 x 20
Cable reel - type G-GC 76.2 m 250 ft.

Montabert drifters

Our industry-leading Montabert drifters mean you receive the best possible drifter for your drill rig. Montabert HC series drifters have consistently, over the years, provided the lowest-per-drilled meter costs as compared to other drifters on the market.

Montabert drifters are known for:

  • Longest maintenance intervals, resulting in highest availability
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Reliability
  • Faster drilling speeds
  • Lowest tool consumption
  • Easiest to operate
  • Highest penetration rates
  • Lowest noise level

Montabert drifters provide maximum shock wave transmission; piston shape improvements mean that most of the shock energy goes directly to the bit, without tool fatigue. In addition, Montabert drifters excel in energy recycling; rebound energy is re-injected in the supply circuit, allowing the rebound energy to be used for the next cycle.

The HC-50 drifter is ideal for small headings and bolting application and is designed to reduce the lead length of the feed.

  • Hole range: 45 to 76 mm
  • Percussion output power: 13 Kw
  • Blows per minute: 3750

The HC-109 drifter is ideal for production and development drilling and is designed for both underground and surface applications.

  • Hole range: 45 to 102 mm
  • Percussion output power: 18 Kw
  • Blows per minute: 2900

The HC-110CS drifter is ideal for production and development drilling and is designed for both underground and surface applications.

  • Hole range: 51 to 89 mm
  • Percussion output power: 27 Kw
  • Blows per minute: 4400
  • Air compressor and water pumps (sized for the application)
  • Cab (ROPS/FOPS certified) with climate control
  • Canopy (ROPS/FOPS certified)

Engine options

  • Cummins QSB4.5 EPA Tier III, MSHA certified


  • Fixed feed 12' steel rod length
  • Fixed feed 14' steel rod length
  • Fixed feed 16' steel rod length
  • Telescopic feed 8-14' steel rod length