Electric rope shovel upgrades

P&H Desiccant Dryer Upgrade

The desiccant dryer upgrade uses activated alumina to dry the air in a compressed air system. 

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The desiccant dryer upgrade provides an improved air drying system that reduces maintenance costs and the likelihood of operating a shovel with the dryer in bypass mode, which compromises the reliability of downstream components.

The desiccant dryer uses two towers filled with activated alumina (desiccant) to dry the air in the compressed air system. While one of the towers is drying the air, the second tower is purging the desiccant of water. This method allows for consistent dew points over the life of the desiccant.

The desiccant dryer system provides a material cost savings of more than 40% on an annual basis in comparison to a membrane dryer.

Retrofit kits are available for P&H 2800XPC, 4100C, 4100C BOSS, and 4800XPC shovels. 

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