Joy Overland Conveyor Systems (Engineered)

  • Engineered to suit client requirements
  • Experience up to 9000tph and 13 km

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Joy conveyor systems are utilised in some of the most productive material handling applications worldwide. Joy conveyor equipment is designed for optimum availability and reliability.

A material handling system, simple or complex, only performs as well as its component parts, the engineering inherent in its design, and its installation. We ensure that all products work together to provide the highest productivity possible. We are committed to manufacturing technologically advanced equipment that optimises your operation.

Overland conveyor systems are used to economically move bulk materials over long distances. Today’s overload systems are able to negotiate varied terrain and both horizontal and vertical curves, making them a viable option for many material handling applications.

Overland structure often provides significant cost savings in site preparation, supporting steel work, and installation. More and more companies are turning to overland belt conveyor systems, after analysing truck haulage costs versus conveyor haulage costs.

Demanding requirements such as high-capacities, horizontal curves and difficult terrains are all examples of challenges met on previous projects.

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