Joy Combi

  • Combined conveyor transfer, drive and take-up in a single unit.
  • Readily transportable and re-locatable modules
  • Proven and reliable solution for development applications
  • Quick installation
  • Suits conveyor belts up to 1200mm wide.

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The Joy Combi drive provides a total conveyor head-end solution in one towable, easy-to-use assembly. Options include single (75kW) and dual (150kW) drive configurations to cover a wide range of applications.

  • Compact assembly that can be quickly deployed for the development of underground headings
  • Engineered to work with belt widths of 1200mm or 1050mm
  • Installation time is minimal, typically 72 hours from the start of installation to operation
  • No assembly or external lifting gear is required to set the drive for use
  • Built in hydraulic jacking legs and jib push rams set the delivery jib at the desired height and position

Standard Features

  • Drive - Single or dual 75kw drive to suit a range of conveyor profiles (belt speed of 2.5 m/s).
  • Belt Storage - Standard equipment includes 12.37m of belt storage. This can be extended by adding an optional 3m long “Extension Module” into the system providing a total of 18.37m of belt storage.
  • Hydraulic unit - On-board hydraulics provide powered adjustment for the LTU (loop take up), discharge height and jib pulley position.
  • Winch - The combi drive LTU winch is powered by the hydraulic unit. The winch can be adjusted via pneumatic power, LHD (load haul and dump vehicle) or a manual control lever.
  • Legs - The combi drive comes complete with a pair of hydraulically-operated legs to lift the discharge jib to an incline of 12.8 degrees.
  • Jib - The combi drive has a special extendable jib feature. Two cylinders powered by the hydraulic unit are fitted to the jib end to extend or retract the head pulley for accurate positioning over the receiving conveyor.
  • Belt Cleaning - Each combi drive comes with a primary belt scraper and two secondary belt scrapers utilising a tension spring to maintain correct tension against the belt.
  • Bash Plate - Standard equipment includes an adjustable bash plate fitted to the discharge jib frame to direct material onto the receiving conveyor. The bash plate assembly is supplied with adjustable bracing to provide control of material flow.
  • Pulleys - All three pulleys are fitted with temperature monitoring switches and a centralized lubrication point. The drive pulley shaft is extended on both ends to accept the drive chain couplings.

Electrical equipment included with the standard combi drive includes:

  • 1 X Marshalling box for jib end
  • 2 X Marshalling boxes for drive end(LHS and RHS)
  • 1 X Junction box for carriage
  • 2 X Jib pulley temperature switches
  • 2 X Drive pulley temperature switches
  • 2 X LTU pulley temperature switches
  • 2 X Speed sensors
  • 1 X Gearbox RTD
  • 2 X Belt wander switches
  • 2 X Blocked chute switches
 Nominal belt speed: 2.5m/s   Nominal tonnage rate: 300 t/h
 1 x 75 kW Combi Drive:  2 x 75 kW Combi Drive:
 Length (m)   Maximum Life (m)   Length (m)  Maximum Life (m)
 200  42  200  42
 400  52  400  85
 600  39  600  106
 800  27  800  107
 1000  14  1000  96
 1200  4  1200  83
 1400  N/A  1400  72
 1600  N/A  1600  60
 1800  N/A  1800  48
 2000  N/A  2000  36
 NOTE: The duty table listed above is based upon assumptions such as belt type, idler roll diameter and conveyor profile.

Location Diameter over lagging (mm)  Live/dead shaft  FRAS lagging (mm) 
 Head 654  Dead  12 
 Drive 654  Live  12 
 LTU 426  Dead  12 
  • Extra drive module to create a 2 X 75kW unit.
  • 1 X Belt starter (flameproof/non-flameproof)
  • Air bag scrapers

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