Joy Belt Maintenance Station

  • Simplifies and improves handling of your conveyor belt
  • Provides constant winding speed and pull to belt roll

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The belt maintenance system is engineered to provide belt control and maintenance for underground conveyor belts.

Belt Winder

The Joy belt winder simplifies and improves the control of your belting when you are adding or removing belt from your system. The belt winder incorporates a pinch-roll drive arrangement that delivers a constant winding speed and pull to the belt roll.

The pivotal spool arrangement allows the spool of belt to be rotated 90° in either direction. Lift cylinders make removal and installation operations significantly easier.

Pinch Roll Drive

While pinch roll drives were originally developed to work in tandem with our belt winder, the pinch roll drive can also be used with numerous belt retrieval devices to introduce or remove belt from your conveyor system at a constant rate of speed and torque.

Belt Clamp

The belt clamps hold the belt securely for belt maintenance activities.  Arrangements can be fitted at either end of the take-up to provide belt control during maintenance.

Splice Deck

The splice deck provides a stable platform for belt maintenance.

Belt Maintenance System

The winder, pinch rolls, clamps and splice deck are combined to create a belt maintenance system  that is ideal for belt control and handling during belt maintenance activities.

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