P&H 1900XPC Electric Rope Shovel

Electric rope shovels

P&H 1900XPC

  • Nominal payload of 18 mt (20 st)
  • Nominal dipper capacity of 10.7 m3 (14 yd3)
  • Ideal for loading 90.8 mt (100 st) and larger haul trucks
  • Proven, consistent high machine availability of at least 90%
  • Optimized dipper geometry for increased fill factors 
  • A full suite of service products and consumables are available, including wire rope, GET, crawler shoes and more
  • Mechanical upgrades, repair and rebuild services are available worldwide

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The 1900XPC electric mining shovel, with a nominal payload of 18 mt (20 st), is proven in heavy-duty and severe-duty mining applications.

Working ranges

Height of cut 13.0 m 42 ft. 6 in.
Radius of cut 17.8 m 58 ft. 6 in.
Dumping height (door open)* 8.2 m 27 ft. 0 in.
Floor level radius 11.6 m 38 ft. 0 in.
Tail swing radius 7.0 m 23 ft. 0 in.
Operator eye level 7.4 m 24 ft. 3 in.
* Height shown with ball-type dipper. Heights will be greater with bail-less or compact-bail dippers. Actual dumping height can be greater than door clearance height. 


Nominal payload* 18 mt 20 st
Nominal dipper capacity*  10.7 m3 14 yd3
Range dipper capacity 7.5 to 19.1 m3 10 to 25 yd3 
Rated suspended load 37.2 mt 41 st

* Payload and dipper capacity are dependent on many factors. Contact us for an analysis of your specific application. 

Overall dimensions

Width 8.05 m 26 ft. 6 in.
Length  10.36 m 34 ft. 0 in.
Height over gantry  10.11 m 33 ft. 2 in. 
Width of crawler shoes 1,066 mm
1,219 mm
42 in.
48 in. 
Width of crawlers (42") 6.71 m 22 ft. 0 in.
Length of crawlers 7.62 m 25 ft. 0 in. 
Ground clearance  0.53 m 1 ft. 9 in.
Height: ground to bottom of counterweight slabs  2.24 m 7 ft. 4 in.


Advanced control technology

Advanced control technologies include the following:

  • Temperature monitoring system for all DC motors, drum shaft bearings, and shipper shaft bearings
  • Drive programming and analysis software
  • Control logic software
  • I/O device monitoring and fault detection
  • Remote health management
  • Extended speed range in hoist and crowd
  • Automatic Boom Soft Setdown (ABSS) and Boom Profile Protection Envelope to help prevent excessive loading to the attachment during operation
  • Anti-swing-in-bank system to reduce excessive side loading on handle and attachment
  • Hoist, crowd, and retract limits
  • Automatic lubrication and compressed air systems control