Joy, 12ED30, Entry Driver

Entry drivers

Joy 12ED30

  • Ideal for mid-seam applications
  • Simultaneous cut and bolt capabilities for improved productivity
  • Faceboss control platform to facilitate an optimal balance of production rate and cost
  • OptiDrive AC variable frequency drive (VFD) traction system
  • Programmable parameters to maximize repeatable support installation while reducing operator judgment in the bolting process

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The 12ED30 entry driver, with its integrated bolting system, allows simultaneous cut and bolt capabilities for improved productivity. Ideal for high-seam applications, the 12ED30 is a single-pass machine that addresses the bottleneck which occurs during gate road development when the roof is weak and early installation of roof bolts is required..

Designed for safety

  • Reduced direct contact with the drill rig
  • Reduced bolt-to-face distance provides increased roof stability and reduced roof falls
  • Four temporary roof supports and four timber jacks on each of the bolting rigs protect operators during drilling operation
  • Large, hydraulically extendable operator platforms provide larger, safer working space
  • Optional operator canopies provide additional protection
  • Push button control station for two-handed control of all fully automated operations, including drilling and bolt insertions; two-handed control ensures that the operator cannot interact with rotating parts when initiating a drill cycle
  • Roof and rib bolters are optionally equipped with dust collection capabilities

Designed for productivity

  • Hydraulic cutter head extensions, 300 mm on each side, retract to enable easy withdrawals as well as greater flexibility in cutting corners
  • Increase in monthly advance from 300 meters (typical road header) to up to 1000 meters
  • Two hydraulic rib bolters, mounted on a tilt or lift-and-tile cylinders, allow the maximum number of rib bolts to be placed in the rib
  • Up to four semi-automatic roofbolters, with tilt capability, provide for quick installation of roof control
  • Two-speed rotation units for simultaneous rib and roof bolting
  • Robust 1.2 sump frame mechanism; increased sump frame distance of 1.25 m, allowing 25% deeper cut in good conditions
  • 25% increase in cutter motor power and 18% increase in total power when compared to competitor models
  • Programmable parameters to maximize repeatable support installation while reducing operator judgment in the bolting process
  • Surface reporting system to monitor each installed bolt

Designed for ease in maintenance

  • Enclosed, patented cable handling system reduces or eliminates cable and hose damage for greater reliability and longer periods between rebuilds
  • Plough loading system is simple and effective, leading to greater reliability and longer life
  • Improved side frame design increases component life by up to 50%

Ergonomic operator interface

  • Designed to make effective use of the additional space in higher seam heights to provide improved access to all components
  • Electrical controller cases located for ease of access
  • Fluid system manifolds to reduce hosing and fittings
  • Retractable operator deck with retractable walkway
  • Consumable pods, including roof and rib mesh storage, to suit a variety of roof and roof-controlled conditions

Cutting and gathering

  • 7.6 meter roadway cutting widths
  • Centrifugal loading arm (CLA) gathering system
    • Proven Joy high-performance loading technology
    • Dual motors drive the CLAs and conveyor chain from the gathering head
Machine weight 111,000 kg 245,000 lbs.
Maximum cutting height 4,000 mm 157.5 in.
Minimum cutting height 3,150 mm 124 in.
Minimum tram height 2,750 mm 108.3 in.
Conveyor width 760 mm 30 in.
Cutterhead power @ 1050V 60 Hz  340 kW 456 hp
Total machine power @ 1050V 60 Hz  650 kW 871 hp
Gathering/loading configuration Plow scroll cutterhead
Roof bolters 4
Rib bolters 2
Roof drill to pick tip distance 2,398 mm 94.4 in.

Faceboss control system

Competitive and market pressures mean that you have to produce product at an ever-increasing rate, while always striving to decrease your cost per ton. These goals are only made more difficult by the worsening attributes of available reserves and deteriorating operating conditions.

The Faceboss control system enables your operators to operate equipment at an optimal balance of production rate and cost per ton using a powerful tool set that includes operator assistance tools, automated sequences, advanced diagnostics, machine performance monitoring, and analysis tools. Faceboss is the standard control system platform on all Joy underground mining equipment, which ensures that you receive the same level of optimization for all your Joy equipment.

Learn how Faceboss can help reduce your operating costs. 

OptiDrive AC

Joy OptiDrive, an AC variable-frequency drive system, integrates software with the electronic and mechanical systems to provide the following features:

  • Increased tram speed: Significantly increases the tractive effort available, improving the equipment’s ability to climb gradients and negotiate difficult roadway conditions
  • Regenerative braking: Supplements the mechanical brakes, allowing them to run cooler with extended wear life; regenerative braking is highly effective at automatically maintaining constant speeds when descending gradients
  • Less maintenance: No commutator brushes to inspect and replace mean AC traction motors are typically more reliable, more durable, and require less maintenance than DC traction motors

Learn how OptiDrive can help improve your productivity.