The one and only

Mining Magazine, Aug 25, 2016

Carly Leonida travelled to Arizona in July to see the very first Joy Global 2650CX hybrid excavator in action.

From its humble beginnings as a set of drawings at Joy Global’s headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, through to voice-of-customer surveys and eventually construction, the prototype is now happily ensconced at ASARCO’s Mission complex, an open-pit copper mine located near Tucson in Arizona.

The 2650CX is a ‘hybrid’ in every sense. Featuring Joy Global’s SR (switched reluctance) drive technology, it offers the ability to leverage both diesel and electric power, providing a 10-15% reduction in the total cost of ownership compared with a hydraulic excavator – its main competitor. But, and this is where it gets really interesting, the 2650CX, which closely resembles a rope shovel, also features hydraulic components, which give it more mobility and nimbleness than a rope shovel, and as much breakout force as a hydraulic excavator. It is quite literally in a class of its own; a new type of excavator.

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