Talking acquisitions and industry trends with Joy Global’s product manager

Mining Media Group, Apr 19, 2016

Joy Global has expanded its hard rock line with the recent acquisition of Mining Technologies International and Montabert, says Doug Eamer, Manager of Commercial and Product Management.

The company acquired Montabert S.A.S. for €110 million ($123 million) in 2015. The year before it acquired MTI.

“We’ve got an ever-expanding underground hard-rock product line with our recent acquisition of MTI and the organic product initiatives we have going,” says Eamer.

“So what Montabert brings to the table is that heart of the developing drill jumbo, which is the rock drill. It also brings a very strong OEM drill network and our direct to customer service model is allowing us more touch points with the end users now to provide them with drilling solutions, in particular the Montabert drifter conversions.”

Eamer spoke with in March at PDAC.

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