How miners kept their big machines running during the downturn, Apr 19, 2016

During the commodity downturn, Joy Global helped customers reduce costs by breaking apart maintenance schedules and prioritizing work, says James Ficzere, General Manager of Joy Global in Canada.

Ficzere, who spoke to at the PDAC convention in March, says his customers have been very focused on reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

"The solutions that we would look at for customers are extending benchmark hours on components," says Ficzere.

"Our experts talked to the customers and said: 'Look, you've got a piece of equipment that has maybe 70,000- 80,000 hours on it. Here is the condition of it and maybe here are 10 things that are of concern to you. Maybe we can let three or four items go but we've got to fix a couple things.'

"Again, most of our equipment is all primary movers. It's got to be there to produce the ore."

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