The continuous miner two-way radio remote is designed with the operator in mind:

  • Large controls for common functions, easily differentiated by feel
  • Common functions located to be close to operators’ natural hand positions
  • Less common functions are smaller toggles or buttons
  • Dedicated harness that places the weight of the remote on the shoulders
  • Proportional response from all levers and joysticks (with exception of the tram controls)
  • Uniquely shaped levers to differentiate functions

Main features include:

  • Strong construction
  • Two-way communications with machine
  • Smart battery pack
  • Ergonomically designed for operator
  • No connectors on handset, ease of maintenance (apart from battery terminal)
  • Spread spectrum radio system provides secure connection with machine
  • Mating transceiver on-board machine is located out of the dirt and is inside an XP enclosure
The two-way radio remote is ideal for use in industrial mineral mining.