Payload monitoring system highlights:

  • Provides real-time dipper payload information to operator
  • Helps prevent costly material spillage due to overloads
  • Reduces structural damage to shovel and haul trucks
  • Quick and simple procedures for long-term calibration


Each truckload has an ideal target weight that minimizes cost and maximizes profit. Overloaded trucks increase truck maintenance costs and potentially put warranty coverage at risk; in addition, overloaded trucks risk costly material spillage on haul roads. Short-loaded trucks, on the other hand, reduce productivity and impact revenue.

The P&H Payload system provides accurate, reliable payload measurements, coupled with simple system calibration, that allow your operators to optimize their loading processes.

The system provides to the shovel operator the weight, in tons, of the material in the dipper. Since there is a target payload based on the haul truck’s size, this information allows the operator to load the truck – every time – to the exact target payload.

Since the dipper payload is shown in real time, this empowers the operator to adjust the haulage loading process immediately when non-target payloads are shown.

The P&H Payload system provides the following key information:

  • Current/last dipper payload, in tons
  • Trended dipper payloads
  • Current truck loading time in seconds
  • Current deviation from target
  • Current truck accumulated tons
  • Current cycle time in seconds
  • Swing angle, in degrees
  • Total tons this shift, in whole tons
  • Tons per hour of operation this shift
  • Average truck loading time this shift
  • Average truck tons this shift
  • Average cycle time this shift
  • Tons/hour of operation this shift

Payload with Pin system

The Payload with Pin system measures payloads directly using our patented instrumented pin and load cell mounted in the boom point sheave. The load cell measures hoist, dig, and suspended load forces directly, correlating the data to dipper payload weight.

Integration with other health monitoring systems

The P&H Payload system can be integrated with our universal dispatch interface and our PreVail remote health monitoring system for remote monitoring, further enhancing your ability to optimize loading and manage assets.