Maintenance costs and unplanned breakdowns can have a serious impact on your overall productivity and cost per ton.


Our predictive maintenance programs help evaluate the current condition of your equipment in order to better anticipate when maintenance should be performed. This approach saves you time and money as compared to time-based maintenance programs, since maintenance is performed only when needed but before unplanned breakdowns can occur. Advantages include:

  • Reduced maintenance downtime
  • Reduced production outages due to maintenance
  • Reduced cost of spare parts and supplies

Multiple monitoring methods

As part of our predictive maintenance programs, we can monitor your equipment’s health through several methods:

  • Continuous online monitoring: many of our systems are equipped with monitoring technology, such as PreVail or Joy Connect, that provide your operations and maintenance teams with timely, efficient machine health information
  • Non-destructive testing technologies: we employ a wide variety of non-destructive testing methods, such as visual inspections, electrical inspections, vibration analysis, ultrasound, oil analysis, thermography, and other techniques to identify potential issues before they can cause problems

Our predictive maintenance methods reveal which components should be addressed in the short term, as well as provide a component life model for forecasting purposes. Subsequent inspections can be tailored to regularly assess components that are nearing replacement status. This helps minimize production delays, since replacement parts can be ordered well in advance and delivered in time for a planned exchange.