Our machine rebuilds provide unmatched value. Our unparalleled experience, service capabilities, facilities, and personnel allow us to deliver “like-new” equipment at a cost significantly less than a new machine. Our rebuild programs are backed by a complete range of OEM services, including genuine Komatsu parts, component exchange programs (CEP), on-site project management, labour, shop services, and technical support options such as engineered solutions. Finally, all our machine rebuilds are backed by our warranties.

Why rebuild your equipment?

Our rebuild program results in improved productivity for your fleet:

  • Returns machines to original or current specifications/standards, improving availability, productivity, and operating efficiencies
  • Provides like-new performance at a reduced cost (as compared to new machines)
  • Brings multi-machine fleets up to consistent specifications and provides part commonality, reducing inventory costs
  • Restores machine health, structural integrity, and operating systems, extending the equipment’s life, economic viability, and useful lifecycle

In addition, the rebuild process offers the option of capitalizing your rebuild costs, eliminating or reducing the impact on your maintenance and repair budgets.

How does the rebuild process work?

Our rebuild process begins with a pre-rebuild condition audit, which includes a review of maintenance records, structure assessment, and an evaluation of component health. We then supply a list of recommended productivity and reliability upgrades, as well as mechanical upgrades (where required).

Major rebuilds

Major rebuilds of surface equipment, such as shovels, drills, loaders, or draglines, are performed at or around a machine’s mid-life span. The rebuild is a major overhaul, consisting of auditing, disassembling, reconditioning, updating, reassembling, testing, and evaluating performance. For example, a major shovel overhaul is defined as a complete rework including un-decking the machine to replace the roller circle components and performing structural repairs while the components are apart.

Major rebuilds of underground equipment, such as continuous miners or haulage equipment, start with stripping the machine down to the frame. All mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and electronic components are completely disassembled, inspected, rebuilt, and tested based on strict standards. All hardware, cable and conduit, hoses and fittings, and wear items (including chains) are replaced.

When the rebuilds are complete, you will receive updated parts catalogues, technical manuals, and warranty offerings. The rebuild history is documented for reference during future service, repairs, and rebuilds.

Partial rebuilds

Partial rebuilds for both surface and underground equipment are focused on replacing components and performing repairs with the purpose of ensuring machine performance and maximizing downtime between partial and major rebuilds.

What are the benefits of using us for your rebuilds?

When you use us for your rebuilds, you are assured of the highest safety, project management, and OE service processes.

  • Ensures that the machine rebuild is handled safely, correctly, and expeditiously, saving significant time and money
  • Utilizes the knowledge and experience of our in-house experts
  • Handles the complete rebuild project seamlessly, including auditing, diagnostics, cost estimating, parts procurement, planning, disassembly, repair and replacement, assembly, testing, training, documentation, and commissioning
  • Integrates regular maintenance tasks and repairs into the rebuild process
  • Provides project transparency through continuous milestone monitoring and progress reporting
  • Ensures that mandatory, production-enhancing technology upgrades are precisely installed and rigorously tested

What are the levels of rebuild services?

You can select a level of repair that best matches your needs, allowing you to optimize your cost per tonne, budget, and/or time frame. 

  • The Joy Prime option offers rebuilds that maximize equipment life for the lowest cost per tonne and full machine warranty (with a possible extension for using Joy consumable products).
  • The Joy Select option offers rebuilds that extend machine life between full Joy Prime machine rebuild intervals at a fraction of the price based on a condensed scope and enhanced reuse of components. 
  • The Joy Base option offers repairs that integrate customer input into a repair and return contact, with recommendations leveraging the Joy Select specification and scope. This flexible repair option keeps components and machines operating longer and extend rebuild intervals.

We make it simple and easy for you by taking complete responsibility for all aspects of your machine rebuild. Contact your account manager today for more information.