Drifter conversion highlights: 

  • Wide range of drifters and cradles make adaptations simple for virtually all drills, regardless of manufacturer
  • Results in up to 10% higher penetration rates, which results in faster drilling times and increased productivity
  • Increases bit life by up to 47% and shank life up to 60%
  • 50% longer service intervals compared to competitors
  • Lower noise levels and less vibrations enhance the operator environment (in some areas, from dB112 to dB106)
  • Increased tool life (striking bar, bits and coupler) decrease your total cost
  • Stronger rotation systems for better reliability
  • Maintenance-free accumulators
  • Reduction in vibration means less wear on drifter body sections and pins, bushings, boom, etc.
  • Lowest maintenance drifter on the market

Overview of Montabert field drifter conversions

We are your premiere provider of Montabert field drifter conversions. Our extensive experience and unique level of conversion knowledge means we are able to handle virtually all drifter conversions, regardless of the drill manufacturer. Our experts determine the best solution to match your specifications through an established inquiry process using our custom selection tools. 

Our drifter conversions result in improved reliability, reduced production and consumable costs, improved penetration rates, lower noise levels and lower maintenance costs. In addition, we use enhanced engineering designs and innovative material for our cradles to produce a robust reliable cradle that stands up to the toughest conditions. 

We can perform drifter conversions in any of our service facilities.  Our drifter conversions and rebuilds always carry a new, three-month warranty on the drifter unit. In addition, we always use our genuine Montabert parts during conversions and repairs.

Montabert drifters can be installed on any of the following:

  • Jumbo drills
  • Bolter drills
  • Longhole drills
  • Shaft jumbo drills
  • Tunnelling drills