We are dedicated to helping you realize the lowest cost-per-ton possible using your mining equipment. We offer cost-per-ton studies that examine your total cost of ownership and provide global benchmarking.  

Evaluation process

In our total cost of ownership studies, we examine all the expenses related to running your equipment, including replacement part costs, maintenance costs, and operational costs such as electricity, labor, and consumable parts. These total expenses are divided by your production rates to determine your current cost per ton.

Then, as part of our global benchmarking process, we compare your cost-per-ton analysis against field studies from around the world. This comparison against industry standards for your type of mine and the geology involved helps us evaluate where potential improvements should be made. 

Evaluation reporting

Based on the complete analysis, we are able to provide the following report:

  • Full breakdowns of each expense type and the comparison against industry standards
  • Recommendations for lowering each expense types, including recommendations for technology upgrades, operator training, and maintenance training
  • Recommendations for equipment selection, such as creating optimum pass matches with your current haul trucks and developing equipment-to-production matching
  • Greenfield feasibility and pre-feasibility projects and engineering houses

Request a study

This service can be requested by filling out our application study request form and indicating which type of study you are interested in:

  • Dipper application study request
  • Shovel application study request
  • Dragline application study request
  • Drill application study request
  • In-pit crushing and conveying application study request
  • Wheel loader application study request

Your account manager will schedule your cost-per-ton study based on your needs and our resource availability.