P&H 320XPC blasthole drill

Blasthole drills

P&H 320XPC

  • Up to 68,038 kg (150,000 lbs.) of bit loading
  • Handles 270 to 444 mm (10 5/8 to 17 ½ in.) hole diameters
  • Up to 19.8 m (65 ft.) maximum single-pass hole depth
  • Electric powered for lower emissions and operating costs
  • Powerful top-drive, rack-and-pinion pulldown
  • Superior propel and maximum-strength crawler frames
  • Rugged masts designed for high-cycle fatigue resistance
  • Excellent operator visibility using full windows and video cameras
  • Productive operator environment, including operator error protection systems

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The 320XPC rotary blasthole drill provides up to 68,038 kg (150,000 lbs.) of bit loading and is specifically designed for large diameter blasthole drilling in extremely difficult rock conditions.

Powerful pulldown

  • Top-drive, rack-and-pinion pulldown has fewer wearing components requiring maintenance, contributing to better machine availability
  • Powerful rotary carriages provide ample torque and bit loading to break through the toughest rock conditions

Superior propel 

  • Mainframes and crawler frames are built for maximum strength and stand up to the most challenging hard rock mine conditions
  • Rugged crawlers and powerful hydrostatic propel drives deliver manoeuvrability, gradability, and fast set-ups

Rugged masts

  • Drill mast is designed for high-cycle fatigue resistance, resulting in less downtime and lower costs for crack repair
  • Mast, constructed of high-strength alloy steel, provides maximum rotary carriage and drill string support

Excellent operator visibility

  • Operator's cab provides a clear, unobstructed view of the drilling area, including the areas surrounding the drill
  • Full windows, coupled with video cameras, ensure that your operator has maximum visibility during drilling and propelling operations
  • Operator's chair can swivel to face the travel direction, allowing safer repositioning

Protective and productive operator environment

  • FOPS Level II-certified structure and shatter-resistant glass protects your operator during harsh mining conditions
  • Operator controls are located within easy reach to allow for maximum productivity

Superior extreme environment capabilities

In addition, the 320XPC has options available that make it ideal for some of the toughest mining conditions in the world:

  • Arctic conditions: equipped with the necessary heaters and insulation to protect both your operator and the drill in temperatures that reach -40°C (-40°F)
  • High altitude: has the power and air capacity to maximize productivity in altitudes up to 4572 m (15,000 ft.)

Working ranges

Hole diameter

270 to 444 mm

10 5/8 to 17 1/2 in.

Maximum single pass hole depth:

19.8 m
21.3 m

65 ft.
70 ft.

Maximum multi-pass hole depth:
Single pipe rack
Dual pipe rack

39.6 m
59.4 m

130 ft.
195 ft.

Maximum bit loading

68,038 kg

150,000 lbs.



Lattice-type usingalloy steel structural shapes

Single pass mast:

19.81 m
21.3 m

65 ft.
70 ft.

Raising and lowering

267 mm

10.5 in.

Hoist / pulldown


DC electric motor driven chainless rack and pinion

Bit loading(maximum)

68,038 kg

150,000 lbs.

Drill feed rate to:

4.9 m/min.

16 ft./min.

Hoist rate to:

37.0 m/min.

105 ft./min.

Overall dimensions

Width, overall

8.51 m

27 ft. 11 in.

Height, mast up

30.6 m

100 ft. 6 in.

Height, mast down

10.2 m

33 ft. 6 in.

Length, mast up

18.5 m

60 ft. 8 in.

Length, mast down

32.88 m

107 ft. 10 in.

Overall width of crawlers

6.1 m

20 ft.

Overall length of crawlers

7.3 m

24 ft.

Width of jacks

4.6 m

15 ft. 2 in.

Length between jacks

10.3 m

33 ft. 7 in.

Height to top of operator cab

4.86 m

15 ft. 11 in.

Weight (approximate)

Operating weight (maximum)

181,437 kg

400,000 lbs.

Shipping weight with mast

153,949 kg

339,400 lbs.

Ground-bearing pressure for track pads:
914 mm (36 in.) shoes
117 mm (44 in.) shoes

200 kPa
156 kPa

29.0 psi
22.6 psi

Ground-bearing pressure for jacks:
Standard size:
Optional size:

890 kPa
317 kPa

129 psi
46 psi

Centurion control system

The Centurion electrical control system provides superior performance, monitoring, and data integration capabilities.

The supervisory controller, with direct integrated communication with the motor drives, allows precise motor control and fast cycle times. Real-time multi-tasking capability means optimal machine logic sequencing, monitoring, and control.

The I/O system uses the Profibus communication protocol for seamless integration of all drill subsystems. Low-voltage 23V DC I/O drop points feature open- and short-circuit detection for improved diagnostics and troubleshooting.

The graphical user interface features intuitive, icon-based screens that display vital information, including shovel status, troubleshooting information, and optional production monitoring data and operator feedback.

Learn how Centurion maximizes your drill’s efficiency. 

PreVail remote health management system

The PreVail remote health management (RHM) system provides timely and efficient machine health and performance data. The PreVail RHM system taps into the powerful communication, command, and control capabilities of the drill’s electrical control system, transforming the data into valuable knowledge, including KPI (key performance indicator) dashboards, graphical analysis tools, predictive modelling, and reporting tools.

When you activate PreVail RHM on your 320XPC drill, you have access to:

  • Increased asset performance visibility to help you determine when to intervene, minimizing corrective action costs
  • Valuable risk management tools that help reduce troubleshooting time and mean time to recovery
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) benchmarking that makes performance gaps more visible and allow you to set in motion corrective measures to maximize productivity
  • Operating practices analysis that allows you to review and correct operators that are not following best practices for optimal productivity

The initial subscription period of one year is included free; after one year, subscription fees apply.

Learn how PreVail can help you maximize your drill’s productivity.

The following optional equipment upgrades are available for the 250XPC:

  • Bit lubrication
  • Cold weather package
  • Fire suppression
  • High altitude package
  • Remote propel control
  • Wiggins Fastfil system*

*The Wiggins and Fastfil trademarks are the property of their respective owners.