Mine air systems (MAS)

MAS 24VDC remote compressor / condenser

  • Designed to integrate with OEM A/C systems
  • Replaces the conventional engine-mounted, belt-driven compressor
  • Ideal for mobile mining equipment

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The Mine Air System (MAS) remote compressor/condenser (RCC) is a 24VDC compressor and condenser unit. The RCC is designed to be a replacement for conventional engine-mounted, belt-driven compressor and condenser arrangements within OEM A/C systems on mobile mining equipment. The RCC reduces maintenance costs associated with the interference of engine-mounted compressor systems with engine maintenance access.

Ideal for multiple machines

The RCC is ideal for installation on a wide variety of mobile, diesel-powered mining equipment, including haul trucks, dozers, and loaders. The RCC is designed to tie into the existing OEM air conditioning system, utilizing the existing dash-mounted evaporator coil, blower, ducting, and vents.

Modular design

The RCC is modular and can be mounted close to the operator cab and integrated into the OEM A/C system after the engine-mounted compressor unit and longer refrigerant lines are removed. The RCC features two quick-disconnect ports for the shorter, relocated refrigerant lines and two plugs for control and power.

If the RCC needs to be replaced, the unit is designed for change-outs that only take about 30 minutes with the proper tools and equipment.