Joy Torque Shafts

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Joy Torque Shafts

  • Stringent manufacturing and quality processes produce consistent, high-quality shafts, reducing premature failures
  • Superior fatigue performance results in shaft integrity throughout the life of the shaft, minimizing unintended breaks and increasing uptime
  • Protects drivetrain from damaging normal duty loads extending component life
  • Designed to break properly at critical load, protecting expensive gear cases
  • Superior protection minimizes catastrophic failures, reducing major component changes

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The torque shaft is the final line of defense against damaging loads and torque spikes into the drivetrain. Genuine Joy torque shafts:

  • Provide maximum productivity of your equipment. Only Komatsu as the OEM can select, text and produce torque shafts that meet or exceed the requirement for providing maximum system protection.
  • Are quality engineered. Integrated into the design of the machine, a Joy torque shaft will provide exceptional performance. 
  • Are tested and field proven. Joy torque shafts have been protecting our equipment for more than 50 years and helping our customers achieve maximum component life and the lowest cost per tonne. 

There is a difference between fit and performance. Other suppliers offer torque shafts that fit, but genuine Joy torque shafts offer exceptional quality and protection to maximize system and component life. Our torque shafts are designed to match the machinery perfectly based on system requirements that only the original equipment designer and manufacturer know. Providing superior protection and exceptional performance, Joy torque shafts have excelled in performance testing that duplicates the duty cycle of our equipment and the conditions in which our equipment operates.

The cutter drive torque shaft not only transmits power to the gearcase, but also protects the gears inside the gearcase. When an overload of stress is put on the torque shaft, the torque shaft's job is to break. If the torque shaft doesn't break, all the stress is transmitted to the gears, increasing the risk of major damage. The shaft is designed to "spring" when it carries a load, acting as a shock absorber, to help keep an even load on the entire drive train.

What is the best torque shaft for a particular piece of equipment depends on the structure of the entire drivetrain - the power input, for instance, and the nature of the gears the torque shaft must protect. These factors must be known to design a torque shaft that is strong enough to protect the system, yet won't break until absolutely necessary. No one knows the system of your Joy equipment as well as we do.

Genuine Joy torque shafts are designed to isolate damaging loads during normal duty, break properly when required to protect the system and maintain their integrity throughout their life. Optimization of the system design, combined with stringent manufacturing requirements and Joy's quality processes, result in genuine Joy torque shafts that offer unmatched consistency and superior protection.

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