Joy Continuous Miner Crawler Chains

Chains and sprockets

Joy Continuous Miner Crawler Chains

  • Grouser configurations deliver improved sumping forces and turning performance to drive up production rates
  • Integrated design with the continuous miner drive and frame systems minimizes downtime
  • Superior quality delivers predictable wear life to help you manage your service time
    Balanced grouser positioning increases wear life by eliminating high localized contact pressure between the chain and track frames
  • Custom alloy stainless pins improve the life of the chain by reducing pin/journal wear
  • Published component weights and best practices provide the operators with the knowledge to help maintain a safe environment

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Genuine Joy chain provides you with:

  • Maximum productivity of your equipment. Integrated into the design of the machine, a Joy crawler chain will ensure you get the most out of your machine.
  • Inventory that is there when you need it. Joy is dedicated to providing chain products when and where you need them, saving you downtime.
  • Service experts. Joy knows what it takes to get the most out your chain and is there when you need. Joy's dedicated field service engineers have over 50 years of experience to help you get the most out of your equipment.

Product line options

Legacy chains

  • 102mm (4”) pitch
  • 310mm (12') width
  • 130mm (5-1/8”) pitch
  • 457mm (18") width

12HM31 chains

  • 162mm (6-3/8”) pitch
  • 560mm (22”) width

CM and ED chains

  • 178mm (7”) pitch

Available widths:

  • 420mm (16.5")
  • 470mm (18.5")
  • 508mm (20")
  • 560mm (22")

HM inboard drive chains

  • 184mm (7-1/4”) pitch
  • 560mm (22") width

HM outboard drive chains

  • 184mm (7-1/4”) pitch
  • 560mm (22") width

Grouser patterns

  • Straight, chevron or combination patterns
  • Optional custom grouser placements to fit your application

Grouser types

  • Forged grousers: hardened alloy steel provides tractive effort for a lower cost
  • Carbide grousers: tungsten carbide grousers last the life of chain on the hardest floor applications