Joy Continuous Miner Conveyor Chains

Chains and sprockets

Joy Continuous Miner Conveyor Chains

  • Superior quality that delivers predictable wear life to manage service time and increase production time
  • Scraper flights keep return decks clear reducing difficult maintenance
  • Smooth chain operation even around obstructions with vertical swivel pins
  • Integrated chain and sprocket design minimize downtime and increase component life
  • Long-lasting chain with case-hardened pins and large bearing area in journals reduces wear
  • Sound-dampening designs reduce operator exposure to noise
  • Reliable assembly and disassembly tools lower risks of injury
  • Published component weights and best practices help operators to maintain a safe work environment

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Genuine Joy chain provides you with:

  • Maximum productivity of your equipment. Integrated into the design of the machine, a Joy crawler chain will help ensure you get the most out of your machine.
  • Inventory that is there when you need it. Joy is dedicated to providing chain products when and where you need them, saving you downtime.
  • Service experts. Joy knows what it takes to get the most out your chain and is there when you need us. Joy's dedicated field service engineers have over 50 years of experience to help you get the most out of your equipment.

Product line options

Dual sprocket chain

  • 35% greater pin/journal area and 24% greater pull strength than single sprocket chain
  • 6% greater bearing area than competitor chain
  • Up to 3db reduction in noise
  • Longer life sprocket, 16 teeth versus 4 teeth

Poly conveyor chain

  • All the benefits of the dual sprocket chain with shared components for the center strand
  • Urethane-coated flights reduce noise 4db below that of the standard dual sprocket chain
  • Abrasion and tear resistant coating means wear is the same as for the current dual sprocket conveyor chain, performance is not sacrificed to achieve reduced noise

Single sprocket chain

  • Low-cost solution providing durability with a time proven design
  • Reliable and serviceable with stainless steel retaining rings

Supporting products

  • Footshaft and tailshaft drive sprockets
  • Long lasting idler rollers
  • Supporting documents for service management
  • Convenient service kits
  • Chain break and installation tool kits
    • Safer than using torches and hammers
    • Does not damage chain
    • Portable unit fits easily over chains in conveyors
    • Easy to use