Joy Armored Face Conveyor

Longwall systems

Joy Armoured Face Conveyors

  • Optidrive system delivers softer start/stop and a full range of torque and speed control
  • Broadband long-life chain for proven extended-wear resistance
  • Sprockets designed for maximum reliability and durability
  • Rugged linepan construction for superior reliability, tighter tolerance assurance, wear and fatigue resistance, and in-service performance
  • High-specification, abrasion-resistant platework and castings matched to meet mine operating requirements
  • Innovative drive frame design for extreme reliability and reduced maintenance

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Our Joy armoured face conveyor (AFC) consists of:

  • OptiDrive system
  • Head and tail drives
    • Sprockets
    • Tensioning systems
    • Frame
  • Line and transition pans
    • Shearer haulage systems

Head and tail drives


Our sprockets are designed to be durable, compact and modular, minimizing downtime while maximizing service life. Features that have substantial advantages over conventional sprockets include:

  • Machined from a forged billet to ensure precise teeth pitching and an accurate tooth profile in excess of ISO standards for conventional sprockets
  • Utilizes high radial and axial load-carrying bearings, positioned as close as possible to the pull of the chain, reducing the effects of bending and load
  • Compact, reversible and sized for the driveframe width, allowing quick and simple fitting and removal without disturbing the transmission

Dynamic chain tensioning

The tensionable drive frame was developed to protect the AFC chain from normal operational damage caused by undesirable chain tensions.  The drive frame features Dynamic Chain Control (DCM) - a system that continuously monitors and records tension direct from the chain via a load sensing device.  The system can automatically adjust the chain to reduce the chance of ‘slack’ chain events that can lead to chain down-time. The DCM is a robust and reliable system able to be operated in all mining environments and operating applications.


Our driveframes are manufactured using premium materials and world-class processes to ensure extreme reliability and reduced maintenance.  Driveframes are matched to a mine’s production and material flow needs.

Line and transition pans

Our AFC linepans, fully tested for articulation and horizon management, have become the linepans of choice for high-performance, heavy-duty mining applications and feature:

  • Simple but rugged linepan construction for superior reliability, tighter tolerance assurance, wear and fatigue resistance, and in-service performance
  • Fully cast-steel sigma sections including patented features such as faceside loading and dumbbell housing designs
  • Variety of highly abrasion-resistant materials for wear longevity, matched to mine life expectancy requirements

Broadband long-life chain

In any longwall conveying system, the chain’s critical features are overall height, strength, and wear life. Joy has a patented and proven long-life chain that optimizes these three features.

  • Small envelope size facilitates low-height linepans for valuable height savings in low seam applications, improves shearer tunnel clearances and conveyor loading ability, and adds flexibility to the haulage track position
  • A larger interlink contact area for increased wear resistance and longer life
  • Available in five sizes from 38 to 60 mm wire diameters
  • S-shaped centre post on the vertical link prevents knuckling of the chain, thereby reducing the potential for chain wreck events
  • Handles the longest longwall operations and the highest installed power

OptiDrive system

OptiDrive integrates the variable frequency drive (VFD) with the motor to achieve better speed and torque control, resulting in a softer start and stop and faster acceleration. The variable chain speeds that match production conditions allow for consistent product flow throughout the mining cycle while reducing equipment wear.

Since OptiDrive is an integrated motor and drive system, it not only saves installation space but also internally manages the motor cable, thereby eliminating the electrical protection issues normally associated with free-standing VFDs. This integration also leads to operational simplicity as all the sophisticated VFD parameters are pre-set during manufacture. OptiDrive is a maintenance- and user-friendly option, as compared to free-standing drives, which need highly specialized knowledge to install and commission. In addition, OptiDrive offers the following benefits:

  • Increased safety
  • Consistent and predictable production rates
  • Increased equipment life
  • Reduced maintenance and low cost of ownership
  • Enhanced maintenance functionality
  • Low power consumption
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Optional drive system available

Turbo transmission technology (TTT) drive system

Our turbo transmission technology (TTT) drive system provides a simple, reliable high-torque starting capability for large AFCs. TTT coupling is ideal for high-frequency, heavy-load starts without overheating or equipment damage. The system is designed for simplicity and minimal cost, containing no bearings or seals to reduce maintenance and minimize the cost of overhauls.