Anglo American needed an entry driver at Grosvenor that could deliver the high productivity of our continuous cut-and-bolt machines in the U.S., while also meeting the challenges of the greater roof support density requirements in Australia without compromising safety and productivity.

Solution design

The operating platform for the Australian entry driver was based on the14ED25 and 12ED25 continuous cutting and roof support products developed for the U.S. markets. The new 12ED25 includes increased levels of automation, including auto cut, auto sump, and loading mode capabilities. This automation, coupled with high-powered, twin 274-kW cutter motors, provides highly productive, repeatable, and accurate mining operations.

The roof and rib bolters also have a high degree of automation, minimizing the need for operator intervention. The system both drills and installs roof supports at maximum rig feed and drill rotation performance levels, while taking into account variations in strata hardness and geotechnical conditions.

When a team of operators at the Moranbah North Mine were selected to trial the 12ED25, the crew set records, including: best shift production of 42 meters advance and best day’s production of 78 meters advance. After the successful trial, two more units were brought into service, allowing the mine to ramp up to full production within the first 10 days of operation.


Within a short operation period, the 12ED25 eclipsed previous performance records set at the Moranbah mine, achieving 53 meters advance in a single shift, at a rate of 6.5 meters per operating hour.

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