"Mr Mandela spent 67 years making the world a better place. We're asking you for 67 minutes."

Mandela Run 2

Employees from Joy Global Africa banded together this year to develop two initiatives for the 67 minute goal of Mandela Day. 

First, all employees and their families were invited to participate in a fun run/walk taking place near our Wadeville, South Africa office. Employees paid a small registration fee and the proceeds from those fees were donated to a non-profit organization in the local community. Even though it was an extremely cold morning the day of the race, over 320 registered Joy Global participants completed the 6.7 km race!

Mandela Run 1

Second, employees were encouraged to donate blankets to help those less fortunate. The goal was 67 blankets; however, 81 blankets were collected. These blankets are being donated to local children's homes, old age homes, and frail care centers.