First name: Lorinda

Joy Global location: Wadeville, South Africa

Title: Engineering Specialist

Worked for Joy Global since: 2012

Tell me about your role as an engineer...

I am an engineering specialist with a focus on Rotating Components. I am part of the Global Centre for Technical Excellence for Rotating Components. I design, analyze and support the gear units utilized on Joy underground equipment, as well as support the scrubbing and ventilation systems on our continuous miners.

What do you value most about working in engineering?

As an engineer, I am exposed to various challenges and cultures. I value the great growth opportunities my career has offered me to challenge myself in my daily roles.

What is your proudest achievement at work?

My proudest achievement has been the development of the reliability improvement of the 12HM31 traction reducer that has removed the dominant mode of failure. The failures were reduced from 20+ per year to zero.

What are you most excited about for the future of being an engineer?

Being a part of the development team that produces the next generation of products and being able to leave my mark on it.

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