Track Shield highlights:

  • Detects and helps prevent a dipper/shovel from striking the crawler shoe
  • Assists the operator by generating an alternate path
  • Available on P&H 2800 and 4100 electric shovel models
  • Also available on P&H 2650 hybrid shovel
  • Integrated into our advanced shovel simulator for training purposes


The Track Shield collision detection and mitigation system was developed with extensive shovel operator input and is the only automated operator assist technology that will detect and help prevent a dipper or shovel from striking the crawler. Field trials have shown triple-digit decreases in collisions and significant reductions in dipper and crawler shoe repairs. Track Shield is available on our:

  • P&H 2800 electric rope shovel
  • P&H 4100 electric rope shovel (all models)
  • P&H 2650CX hybrid shovel

Operator environment

Operators are often challenged by varying conditions that can lead to dipper/track collisions. The Track Shield system:

  • Elevates operator confidence and minimizes operator hesitation to avoid compromising equipment
  • Reinforces best digging practices by helping shovel operators optimize the dig cycle through the generation of an alternate path that reduces disruption
  • Provides a valuable learning tool for new operators by reducing the learning curve on proper placement of the dipper relative to the digging face to produce an optimal fill factor

Track Shield is also integrated into our advanced shovel simulator; the functionality can be switched on to assist operators in developing system feel and familiarity.

Performance and productivity

Track Shield helps operators focus their efforts to produce higher productivity levels:

  • Reduces cycle time through early detection and mitigation of collisions, allowing operators to operate at full speed without the losing the ability to dig close to the shovel
  • Addresses the issue of deeper dippers and wider tracks by minimizing the effect of the “blind spot” that comes when dippers increase in depth; also handles the differences introduced by the use of larger crawler shoes for reduced ground-bearing pressure


In our technology roadmap, we continue to develop innovations focused on improving customer performance:

  • The Track Shield system was designed with best-in-class technologies utilizing precise mathematical modeling and prediction
  • Simple set-up for existing Centurion electrical control system architecture
  • Ready to connect to the PreVail remote health monitoring system for early prediction and warning of equipment problems before they occur

Designed to reduce maintenance

The Track Shield system helps reduce the number and severity of dipper-crawler impacts, as well as the associated maintenance and repair costs for crawler shoe and structural damage::

  • Repeated strikes to crawler shoes can reduce crawler shoe life by as much as 25%
  • Repeated dipper to crawler strikes can accelerate a reduction in shoe life which can result in loss revenue
  • Unplanned, unscheduled and unbudgeted shoe, pin and hardware replacements
  • Long term, more costly repairs to crawler frames and carbody structures
  • Increased Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) due to increased maintenance costs