Online Vibration Monitor 2 highlights:

  • Helps limit lost production from unplanned shutdowns
  • Works during normal production
  • Provides validated data and analysis by Komatsu Mining experts
  • Allows you to view your data from anywhere

Helps limit lost production from unplanned shutdowns

As a high value asset in any surface mining operation, many mines seek opportunities to decrease their electric rope shovels’ operational cost. Unexpected failures can be catastrophic and costly both in repairs and production loss. A successful predictive maintenance program driven by a vibration monitoring system and analysis can mitigate or eliminate these unexpected events altogether.

Our Online Vibration Monitor 2 can help decrease your electric rope shovels’ operating costs by transforming maintenance processes from reactive to predictive. The online vibration monitoring system is a permanently installed predictive diagnostic tool and service bundle that helps detect early-stage defects in motors, bearings and transmissions prior to catastrophic failure.  By providing warnings of impending issues, maintenance teams are able to address issues before they become an emergency.

Vibration monitoring during normal production

In its standard operational mode, the monitoring and validation functions run continuously during the normal digging cycle with no operator input needed – data is validated and sent to the cloud for viewing and analysis automatically.

Other modes of operation in stage test, which operates like a traditional vibration analysis system, and raw mode, which is equivalent to viewing data on a local chart recorder.

Validated data and analysis by Komatsu Mining experts

An exclusive Komatsu-developed algorithm records only good, valid data.  A shovel is highly dynamic which, often results in data quality issues even under the best conditions. Bad data means bad analysis. By automatically filtering poor data, an accurate analysis is achieved.

A Komatsu-trained analyst with internal OEM knowledge provides reports that include an overview of your data, what it means, and recommended actions based on the history of more than 1 million distinct records across the entire vibration data-connected fleet.

View your data from anywhere

The online vibration monitoring system is integrated with the Komatsu Mining Remote Health Monitor (RHM), allowing your data to be accessible in the cloud – making your information always available on any internet-connected device. You can also leverage the dashboards, tools and alarming capabilities of RHM.

When operating your shovel temporarily outside of communication coverage, data is stored onboard for up to 60 days in a rolling history. Data is then automatically uploaded to the cloud when communication is restored.

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