We have earned worldwide recognition as the leading supplier of OEM-quality replacement parts to the surface mining industry. We provide a comprehensive line of P&H brand parts for P&H draglines, as well as for draglines from every other major manufacturer.  

We use the industry’s most advanced design and engineering tools to ensure that every dragline part meets or exceeds OEM specifications. We continually improve the performance of each part in the field by incorporating design and manufacturing enhancements where appropriate.

When you use P&H dragline replacement parts — regardless of your equipment’s manufacturer —  you are assured of parts that have been meticulously developed and rigorously inspected and tested to deliver the long-term performance you expect from an OEM.

In addition, we offer customized engineered solutions for your specific needs. Past solutions have included:

  • Boom design and replacements, including tubular booms and masts
  • P&H gradial-design dragline tub, customized for non-P&H draglines
  • Improved forged cam and cam shafts
  • Reduced-size planetary swing and propel
  • Improved boom point swivels
  • Control system upgrades
  • AC system upgrades

Our engineered solutions apply our world-class technology to your equipment without exceeding the OEM specifications for that machine.