Lower works

P&H Lower Roller Assembly

  • Helps to maintain system clearances and extend overall life of the crawler system
  • Larger and thicker thrust washer provides longer roller life and prevents damage to side frames
  • Longer crawler system life increases change-out intervals reducing employee exposure to safety risks

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A genuine P&H Lower Roller Assembly: 

  • Helps to lower mine operating costs by extending crawler system life, minimizing unplanned downtime
  • Reduces damage to the side frame, meaning fewer repairs and quicker overhauls
  • Improves grease delivery and flow to extend system life

Lower total cost of ownership

  • A unique Komatsu feature, our larger and thicker thrust washers are field proven to protect side frames from roller damage, superior to competitive lower roller offerings.
  • Continuous bushing increases bearing areas and has integral grease grooves which enhances lubrication flow, increasing bushing life. 

Increased productivity

  • An improved and more robust shaft retention helps decrease rotation and reduces lube system failure.

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