Mine air systems (MAS)

MAS model 361

  • Provides air conditioning, heating, air filtration, and pressurization
  • Roof-mounted unit for mobile mining equipment
  • Self-contained 24V DC compressor

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Our Mine Air Systems (MAS) climate control units provide air conditioning, heating, air filtration, and pressurization comforts for the operator cab.

The MAS Model 361 is a roof-mounted unit designed specifically for mobile mining equipment such as haul trucks, production drills, wheel loaders, and hydraulic excavators. The MAS Model 361 is a modular, self-contained 24V DC compressor that eliminates the need for:

  • Engine-mounted compressor
  • Drive belts
  • Pulleys
  • Fittings
  • Refrigerant lines


This design reduces maintenance and operating costs, because:

  • Compressor shaft seals that wear out and cause refrigerant leakage are eliminated
  • Long refrigerant lines that complicate machine layout, require additional refrigerant, and are prone to leaks are eliminated

Since all refrigerant is contained within the MAS Model 361 unit, there is no need to constantly maintain and service refrigerant lines. In addition, since there are no refrigerant lines and compressor integrated into the engine, there is no interference with regular engine maintenance.

The MAS Model 361 can be swapped out with a service exchange unit in 30 minutes due to its modular design and simplified construction, resulting in increased up-time for your equipment.