Mine air systems (MAS)

MAS model 1000

  • Provides air conditioning, heating, air filtration, and pressurization
  • Specifically designed for electric mining shovels, drills, and draglines
  • Uses ozone-friendly R134A refrigerant

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Our Mine Air Systems (MAS) climate control units provide air conditioning, heating, air filtration, and pressurization comforts for the operator cab. Advanced MAS climate control technology sustains ultimate operator comfort and efficiency by automatically maintaining an even floor-to-roof temperature and a regulated, filtered air flow.

The MAS Model 1000 was designed specifically for climate control of operator cabs and electrical rooms on electric mining shovels, drills, and draglines. Its rugged design is ideal for the needs of surface mining applications. The system includes these high-performance features:

  • Weather-sealed roofplate to eliminate dust and water leaks into the cab and electrical room
  • Stainless steel construction to eliminate rust and corrosion
  • High-efficiency air filters to suit specific applications
  • Ozone-friendly R134A refrigerant to minimize environmental impact
  • Industrial-sized super-efficient filter/pressurizer with air pre-cleaner to maximize air filtration
  • Smooth and quiet scroll-technology compressor to minimize noise in the operator cab

The unit can be either deck- or roof-mounted. The system only requires a power supply for operation.

Modular design

The modular design allows complete unit change-out in just 30 minutes; individual electrical and control modules can be replaced in as little as 10 minutes with no special tools. This design also makes maintenance easier and faster.