Mine air systems (MAS)

MAS 24VDC high-capacity remote compressor/condenser

  • Improves air conditioning system performance and equipment uptime
  • Reduces maintenance costs associated with engine-mounted belt-driven compressor/condenser systems
  • Low-profile version is also available
  • Works with mobile diesel-powered haul trucks, dozers, graders, loaders and similar equipment

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The P&H Mine Air Systems 24VDC high-capacity remote compressor/condenser (HCRC) is a mounted system designed to be a replacement for conventional engine-mounted, belt-driven compressor/condenser systems. The unit can be mounted a wide variety of mobile diesel-powered mining equipment, including:

  • Haul trucks
  • Graders
  • Dozers
  • Front-end loaders

The HCRC is designed to integrate with the existing OEM air conditioning system and uses the existing dash-mounted EOM evaporator coil, blower, ducting and vents. The system can be mounted close the operator cab and be easily integrated after the original AC unit and the longer refrigerant lines are removed.

The HCRC features:

  • Two quick-disconnect ports for the shorter, relocated refrigerant lines
  • Two plugs for the control power

A variety of kits are available to make installation quick and easy for many popular mining machines, including those with pre-engineered roof racks that are ROPS/FOPS friendly. If the unit ever needs to be replaced, the change-out process can be completed in approximately 30 minutes with the proper tools and equipment. 

Electrical 24 Volt DC, max current draw of 65A, typical operation current of 45A
Compressor 24 Volt DC hermetically sealed scroll compressor
Physical size 951 mm wide x 811 mm long by 448 mm high
37.45" wide x 31.93" long by 17.63" high
Capacity 17,000 BTU/Hr @ 110° F
15,520 BTU/Hr @ 95° F
Refrigerant R134A
Oil POE only
Construction Case; 16 gauge 304
Brushed stainless steel
Coils; copper tube, 10 fins per inch
Weight 75 kg (175 lbs) installed

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