Joy (former Stamler), SFB-38, Surface Feeder Breaker


Joy SFB-38

  • Ideal for industrial mineral and hard rock applications
  • Throughput up to 4,000 tonnes (4,400 tons) per hour
  • 6.0” pitch chain size
  • Pick force up to 350,000 lbs.
  • Weight of over 100 tons, depending on the application
  • Multiple mobility options available

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Joy feeder-breakers provide a highly reliable, productive means for continuous feeding and breaking of most bedded, mined material – including wet, dry, sticky or a combination thereof – in a broad range of configurations for both surface and underground applications. The feeder-breaker is the connection between the mining system and material handling system, allowing both systems to operate at maximum efficiency and productivity. The SFB-38 feeder-breaker, with a throughput of up to 4,000 tonnes (4,400 tons) per hour, is designed for industrial minerals and hard rock applications.

Designed for ease in loading

The SFB-38 features a low, horizontal profile that provides the lowest-height truck dump installation of any crusher system in the industry. Since your feeder-breaker will be custom designed for your specific haulage and conveyor systems, your haulage vehicle can discharge material directly into the robust feeder hopper. The feeder breaker’s compact design allows for the lowest installation height when compared to other crusher designs. 

Designed for high productivity

The internal surge hopper provides flexible surge capacity, allowing haulage equipment to discharge material at its maximum rate. The integral flight conveyor provides direct force to the material for a positive feeding action to the breaker shaft, ensuring efficient material sizing and processing. The powerful rotary pick breaker, with breaker picks and a pick pattern designed to work with the flight conveyor, fractures material to the required output size. Since the material is fractured, rather than crushed, lumps are a consistent, easily handled size. Fewer fines are generated, maximizing the product value. As material is processed through the feeder-breaker, it is discharged onto the belt conveyor at a consistent user-controlled rate that the belt can accept. This virtually eliminates spillage, reduces wear, significantly increases belt life, and maximizes material handling system efficiency.

Designed for high availability and low maintenance

The SFB-38 uses specially manufactured high-strength engineered conveyor chain, with hardened link pins, for long life, low maintenance, and superior dependability.

The breaker drives are electro-mechanical, direct-drive utilizing robust geared drives for maximum performance, reliability and availability.

Designed for efficiency and flexibility

The SFB-38 is designed for maximum space efficiency by including an integrated surge hopper (if the application requires it), a flight conveyor, and a rotary pick breaker in a single machine. Crawler- or skid-mounting options provide mobility to reduce haulage cycle time and increase productivity.