We rely on your products and services to help us in making mining more productive. The list below shows what we normally sources from our suppliers. We look forward to your support in helping our customers become more profitable, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. 

Please review the list of products below to see if there is a match with your company's product line. If you identify a match, you are welcome to register with us and start the qualification process. 

Note that all components must meet stringent environmental and regulatory requirements related to global mining. 


  • Electrical components: we purchase a wide variety of commercially available and custom-designed industrial-grade electrical products for mining applications, including motor drives, transformers, fans, circuit breakers and contactors, cable, and cable assemblies
  • Electronics: we purchase a wide variety of custom-designed, application-specific industrial-grade electronic products for mining applications, including control systems, safety systems, remote controls, sensors, displays, and software
  • Motors: we purchase custom-designed, application-specific motors, including AC and DC, constant- and variable-speed electric motors with explosion-proof enclosures. Output power ranges: 2-2200 kW. Voltage and frequency ranges: 140-3300V @50 and/or 60 Hz. Motor enclosures are usually water-cooled, but may be air-cooled for specific applications
  • Engines: we purchase commercial-style engines


  • Mechanical components: we purchase screws, brackets, bolts, and other similar items
  • Hydraulics: we purchase pumps, control systems, and other similar items 
  • Bearings: we purchase larger-than-standard bearing sizes

Raw Materials

  • Steel plate: we purchase alloy and carbon plate, with up to 12" thickness requirements
  • Bar: we purchase specialty grades
  • Tubing: we purchase specialty grades
  • Castings: we purchase low-alloy steel and manganese steel castings in normalized, quench, and tempered (N, Q, & T) conditions, with weights ranging from <1 kg to 10,000 kg. 
  • Forgings: we purchase a wide variety of extra-large open- and closed-die forging products, including rings, shafts, hubs, flight bars, boring bits and holders, treadlinks, and gears. Material needs are allow steel and carbon/alloy base, meeting QAS 25 and 949 specifications
  • Bronze bushings: we purchase a wide range of bushings


  • Fabrication: we purchase application-specific fabrication services
  • Machining: we purchase services such as polishing, painting, sandblasting, and hole drilling