Our popular commemorative mining stickers have been collected and passed down through the generations.

The history of Joy stickers

We started creating Joy stickers to fulfill a simple need ― the desire for reflective material on a miner’s helmet.

From that humble beginning, sticker collecting has become one of the most popular hobbies in the mining community. Thousands of miners and their families carefully collect and catalog their mining stickers, with some collections having more than 3,000 unique stickers. Collections have been passed down through generations, going from parent to children and then to grandchildren.

Komatsu stickers today

We regularly issue new stickers featuring our various brands for milestone events, such as commemorating new machines; promoting new facilities, services, or parts; or celebrating the accomplishments of our customers. In an average year, we fill more than 1,500 requests for stickers from collectors all over the world.

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