We have consistently added to its robust product lines through the acquisition of leading brands in the mining industry.


In 2014, Canadian-based Mining Technologies International Inc. (MTI) was acquired. The acquisition gave us a broad-based product portfolio, providing entry into the hard rock space of the mining industry. The company is based in Sudbury, Ontario, which is known globally as the capital of underground hard rock mining. The city and region are home to some of the largest hard rock mining companies in the world as well as research organizations dedicated to furthering innovations in underground hard rock mining.

MTI, a family-run business for several generations with over 230 employees, was well known in the hard rock mining industry for its rugged and reliable equipment, including jumbo drills, LHD's, dump trucks, shaft drilling equipment, long-hole jumbos, ITH drills, buckets, and bucket wear parts as well as custom designed equipment for specific underground requirements. This equipment is ideal for nickel, potash, palladium, platinum, gold, and copper mining and is marketed today under the Joy brand.

MTI also manufactured a full complement of high quality drill string components for large diameter raise drills, rotary blasthole drills, exploration, and ITH applications.


In 2011, Texas-based LeTourneau Technologies, Inc. was acquired from Rowan Companies. With this purchase, we acquired the world’s leading manufacturer of large wheel loaders for surface mining, providing the industry’s largest model sizes and payload capacities.  In addition, LeTourneau is a key manufacturer of specialty steel products.

LeTourneau had been a leader in the earthmoving equipment industry since the 1920s.  Robert LeTourneau started a grading business in 1920, but quickly moved into other directions, incorporating in 1929 as R.G. LeTourneau, Inc. – a manufacturer of earthmoving equipment. From an initial plant in Peoria, Illinois, the company continued to grow, relocating worldwide several times; the final plant was built in Longview, Texas in 1945.

The LeTourneau name became synonymous with earthmoving, incorporating technology that was often years, or even decades, ahead of its time. Robert LeTourneau held hundreds of patents related to earthmoving equipment and the company’s use of low-pressure, heavy duty rubber tires and electric wheel drive were unique in the industry. The product’s quality was considered so uniformly high that LeTourneau factories supplied 70% of all heavy earthmoving equipment used by Allied forces during World War II.

Robert LeTourneau was a firm believer in practical instruction combined with classroom studies. In 1946, he purchased an unused military hospital in Longview, Texas and established the LeTourneau Technical Institute, which provided technical and mechanical training. The Technical Institute was granted university status in 1961,  becoming LeTourneau University, offering degrees in engineering, aeronautical sciences, and liberal arts.

The LeTourneau wheel loaders are the only electric wheel loaders in the industry with installed power greater than 2000 gross horse power rating and capable of loading 400-ton haul trucks. The wheel loader product line is a near-perfect complement to the P&H electric rope shovel product line. Today, these wheel loaders are marketed under the P&H brand.

The LeTourneau wheel loaders are specifically known in the industry for their regenerative drive technology, which is far more efficient than mechanical drive systems and provide significant savings in operating costs.


In 2006, the Stamler mining equipment division was acquired from Oldenburg Group. With this purchase, we acquired the most popular feeder breaker and battery hauler equipment in the mining industry. Stamler was known worldwide for its engineering heritage and adherence to the highest quality levels.

We still operate the former Stamler factories in Brisbane, Australia and Johannesburg, South Africa. The products are marketed under the Joy brand.

Stamler feeder breakers are ideal for both energy and industrial mineral applications, including coal, phosphate, cement, limestone, petroleum coke, and gypsum. These feeder breakers are custom designed for each customer, based on their specific haulage and conveyor systems.

Stamler battery haulers are the market leaders in battery-powered underground haulage machines for room and pillar applications due to the extended battery life and superb manoeuvrability and operational flexibility.


South Carolina-based Goodman-Hewitt was acquired and their product offerings were merged into our conveying product line. With this purchase, we acquired a field-tested conveying equipment product portfolio that includes high quality idlers, pulleys, and other critical conveying equipment built to exacting CEMA requirements.

Goodman-Hewitt conveyor components have been moving material for more than 100 years. In fact, the company’s first in-line idler was installed in Thomas Edison’s iron ore mine in the 1800’s.

In 1891, Thomas Robins developed the first practical conveyor system for moving heavy abrasive materials utilizing steel idler rolls and rubber-covered belting. In 1945, the Robins Conveying Belt Company merged with the Hewitt Rubber Company and the Hewitt-Robins brand was established. In 1984, Goodman Conveyor was founded. In 2009, the two companies merged and formed Goodman-Hewitt.

Today, the Goodman-Hewitt products are a key part of the crushing and conveying business – marketed under the Joy brand – helping us develop innovative solutions for the materials handling market. The Goodman-Hewitt components feature conveyor structures that are built tough enough to withstand the harshest mining conditions and a full range of specialty idlers for the most challenging materials, such as wet or sticky applications.

Goodman-Hewitt components are known worldwide for their superior performance, outstanding reliability, and low maintenance costs.

Continental Conveyor

Continental Global Inc. is a worldwide leader in conveyor systems for bulk material handling in mining and other industrial applications. The conveyor systems are ideal for transporting coal, iron ore, gypsum, aggregates, and other bulk materials such as cement, lime, food products, and industrial waste.

Continental, founded in 1959, is known for the design, manufacture, and installation of highly customized and engineered conveyor solutions for customers on six continents and has manufacturing facilities in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia.  

The solutions include belt conveyor systems and components for mining applications, including general underground, overland, tunnel, curved, heavy duty, open pit, high angle, and steeply inclined conveyors, as well as engineered systems that combine other mining equipment products, such as crushers, and custom fabrication.  These products are marketed under the Joy brand. They are also marketed under the Continental brand when they are sold to the aggregates, industrial, and other related industries through key distribution partners. 

The company also offers direct service and technologies such as our STATIX conveyor simulation software to allow for optimal design in specific applications.

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